When you register, view or use HelicopterUpgades.com (Beta) you are agreeing to the following 1) User Agreement and 2) Privacy Policy. Both the User Agreement and Privacy Policy are intended to protect your contents and privacy and to guarantee the right use of HelicopterUpgrades.com during its Beta operation. HelicopterUpgrades.com Purpose

The mission of HelicopterUpgrades.com is to connect the world’s helicopter upgrades industry players to enable them to be more productive and visible. In order to accomplish our mission, a service is made available through our website where upgrades contents can be published, updated and browsed. HelicopterUpgrades.com operates under password access during its Beta version to prevent non authorized use.

Upgrade definition and Online Service offered

The term "Upgrade" refers to a technical configuration modification applicable to a specific Helicopter Type Model, which results in an increase of performance, capabilities or mission extension on said Helicopter Type Model. HelicopterUpgrades.com offers an online service of Upgrades catalogue browsing for registered Users. Two basic features are available for registered Users free of charge: i) publishing, updating and removing their own helicopter Upgrades contents ii) browsing through other User’s Upgrades contents


Main Scope

You agree that by registering on HelicopterUpgrades.com Beta or by using our website, you are accepting the HelicopterUpgrades.com Beta Terms of Use. If you register or use our website on behalf of a company or other legal entity, you need to be entitled by said company or legal entity to agree on their behalf to the HelicopterUpgrades.com Beta Terms of Use. Similarly, you need to be authorized by the same company or legal entity to publish and update on their behalf upgrades contents within their intellectual property. If you (or the company – legal entity you represent) do not agree with HelicopterUpgrades.com Beta Terms, do not register or use our website.

Upgrades Content

You (or the company - legal entity you represent) own the upgrades content and information you provide HelicopterUpgrades.com Beta website under this User Agreement. The upgrades content and information provided to HelicopterUpgrades.com Beta website will be visible and browsed by other registered Users in accordance to the limits established in this User Agreement. Your upgrades contents can be published or removed from the HelicopterUpgrades.com Beta website at your convenience. HelicopterUpgrades.com will use your upgrades contents for communication and promotion purposes only after your consent. Any content or information you submit to our website is at your own risk. By providing contents or information to us, you represent and warrant that you are entitled to submit it and that it is not confidential and not in violation of any law, contractual restrictions or other third party rights (including any intellectual property rights). It is your responsibility to keep your HelicopterUpgrades.com Beta account and upgrades information accurate and updated. NOTE: We created HelicopterUpgrades.com to help you and your company succeed by exchanging upgrades solution. To achieving this purpose, we encourage our Users to share accurate information. We also respect the intellectual property rights of others. Accordingly, this User Agreement requires that information posted by Users be accurate and not in violation of the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties. If you consider your or third party content has been violated, let our team know immediately for intervention on the source.

HELICOPTERUPGRADES.COM BETA IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MISUSE OR MISAPPROPRIATION OF ANY CONTENT OR INFORMATION YOU PUBLISH ON HELICOPTERUPGRADES.COM BETA WEBSITE. The Upgrades Contents directly published by the HelicopterUpgrades.com team are already public on the internet and have a demonstration purpose. They shall be removed or transferred to other accounts when the website is opened to the general industry public.

All the information you provide to HelicopterUpgrades.com Beta will be handled in accordance to our Privacy Policy included below (section 2) for your review. The policy governs our treatment of any information, including personally identifiable information, you submit to us. Right to use the HelicopterUpgrades.com Beta website We grant you full access to the HelicopterUpgrades.com Beta website and contents to the extent that you comply with our main purpose (1.1) and this User Agreement. Any other use of HelicopterUpgrades.com Beta contrary to our mission and purpose (such as uploading false or inaccurate information, misuse of contents, harm to third parties interests) is strictly prohibited and a violation of this Agreement. We reserve all rights to revoke access to HelicopterUpgrades.com Beta service after violation of this User Agreement.

Website service Availability
For as long as HelicopterUpgrades.com Beta continues to offer the Service, HelicopterUpgrades.com team will seek to update, improve and expand the Service. We allow you to access our website as it may exist and be available on any given day with no other obligation. Nonetheless, we may modify, replace, refuse access to, suspend or discontinue HelicopterUpgrades.com Beta website, partially or entirely in our sole discretion for update, improvement or expansion of the Service. All of these changes shall be directly communicated to you.

Third Party Content
By using HelicopterUpgrade.com Beta website, you may be exposed to other Users’ or third party content or information that might be inaccurate, incomplete, delayed, misleading, illegal, offensive or otherwise harmful. You agree and acknowledge that we are not responsible for other Users’ or third party content or information or for any damage of any kind incurred.

Amendments to This User Agreement
We reserve the right to modify, supplement, or replace the terms of this User Agreement. Should this be the case, you will receive duly notification.

HelicopterUpgrades.com mission is to connect the world’s helicopter upgrade industry to enable them to be more productive and visible. Our Users share contact information and exchange technical upgrades solutions. HelicopterUpgrades.com will always take care of any privacy concern raised by our Users to protect them and their contents against any thread.

Maintaining our User’s trust is our priority, so we commit to the following principles to protect their content and keep their information within the HelicopterUpgrades.com boundaries: We will only provide your content to third parties: (1) with your consent; (2) where it is necessary to carry out your requests. HelicopterUpgrades.com Beta version operates under a password access (only known to selected members) during the initial Beta phase of our service

In order to limit privacy issues, to create an account on HelicopterUpgrades.com you must only provide us with at your Company Name (design organization), Point of Contact phone or email address and a password. You can choose to provide further information in your account section (for example, description and location of your company) if you wish. You understand that, by creating an account, HelicopterUpgrades.com team and Users will be able to identify your company and the contents you published.

Please note that we do not or have any intention to rent or sell content information that you have posted on HelicopterUpgrades.com.

Rights to Access, Update, or Delete Your Information, and Closing Your Account You have a right to (1) access, modify, correct, or delete your account information, (2) publish, update or remove your content, and (3) close your account. If you close your account(s), your information will generally be removed from the Service within 24 hours.